Our Services

PowerMart provides a wide range of services for its customers.

One Team. Multiple Capabilities.

Package Forwarding

We're able to perform package forwarding services, which can include the following services too:

  • Purchase Assistance
  • Products Photo
  • Package Consolidation
  • Contents Check
  • Electronics Check
  • Removal of Prohibited Items
  • Insurance
  • Customs Declaration
  • Customs Value Modification
  • Shopping Assistance

We've helped customers get products for both personal and commercial use (e.g: resale).

As a company that both imports and exports often, we're also able to provide the best shipping rates on the market.

For both corporate and individual clients, we require all to go through Parcl (a popular Package Forwarding website) for the first deal, before we can start dealing directly.


We provide affordable fulfilment services to our clients, getting their items packed and shipped out professionally, with speed and quality.
We're able to also provide the following:

  • Product Pick & Pack
  • Consolidation
  • Deconsolidation
  • Smart Carrier Selection
  • Apply Protective Packaging
  • Schedule Courier Pickups

We're currently not taking any new clients.


We provide an avenue for our clients to liquidate their excess product into cash, either through an internal purchase program or through our local marketplace access.

We only deal with liquidation of electronics.

Product Sourcing

Customers both big and small have used our product sourcing capabilities to act as a negotiator and sourcing agent for various products, abroad and domestically.